Haven’t been able to post anything. I have been very busy with the completion of my first draft. ALSO…my other half has finally been deployed. It’s been tough and I’m still coping. More content is coming soon.



“When he read my poems, he could not compliment me. Instead, he begged me to stop writing through bleeding fingertips, long enough for him to save me from my nightmares. Needless to say, I did not put down my pen. ”
– F. Espiritu, The Objective Project

Have Faith in Me

Hold a gun against my head, but do not pull the trigger. Hold a knife against my neck until the blade becomes my skin, but do not cut. I will let you kill me, if you let my smile live. I will let you take my breath away, if you allow me to feel the last wind of faith I have in you.


There is no amount of love worth being accused of treason for. We sleep with our enemies with bleeding hearts. We believe that we could love away their insecurities and take the lashes for the promises they never meant to keep. We become daughters of the night who hide away in his sheets, hoping for a different story…hoping that maybe, he would let himself touch you….that he would let himself hold you with closed eyes. No, we are all criminals, yearning for what we deserve in a world incapable of releasing those who have been bound by the red string around their necks.
– F. Espiritu (ladyfrancin)